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Data of the highest quality

We are passionate about providing products only based on the highest quality data. For us, data is the finest raw material. Every day, every week and every month we ensure the quality of our data, so that you can be confident that our products are always of the highest quality.

40 years in the industry

We are experts with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the Nordic region. Together, we have more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market.

Established in the Nordic region

Our Nordic partners are DLI MI in Denmark, Farmastat in Norway and Pharmaceutical Information Centre in Finland. Together, we secure long-term access to consolidated information about drug sales in the Nordic countries.

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Value creation

Network Analysis - Stakeholders

Machine learning masters the complexity of Real World Data delivering insights about; Who will influence your area of therapy tomorrow. We analyze multiple databases to give you insights about Stakeholder´s by contact and power of influence.

Raw data

Get data supplied in raw format to connect with your own data warehouse or your favourite tools. Our raw data is delivered daily, weekly or monthly.

Nordic Pharma Insights

NPI is a unique product that gives you access to Nordic consolidated data in a single tool. NPI is updated monthly and gives you access to Nordic data on country, region and brick level.

Pharma View Realworld

Real World Data helps us to create predictive analyses based on your area of therapy. Patient Journey analysis gives insights to initiation, switch and loss in the primary or secondary sector.

Consultancy services

Our motive is to ensure a solid foundation for your company's growth and development. Our specialists will help you to create insight in your part of the pharmaceutical market. Our specialists follow the market per day and per package. We know what information is required to create insight. Based on your needs, we help you to find optimal solutions that create value for you and your business.

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Want to know more about our services, or are you curious about how we work with pharmaceutical data? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Managing Director, eMBA
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